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Hey guys , we’re back and we have this sweet ass Monique Alexander anal video all ready for your enjoyment. She and a friend of hers got their hands on an Asian stud that claimed he had a bigger cock that most. Like the chicks from girlsoutwest galleries, they love to share the same cock so these hot babes and they were curious enough by this to try him out and see if he’s lying or not. Well turns out he’s pretty well endowed and Monique and her friend received a proper anal stretching fuck this night. And regarding his claim, well you can bet that the babes here were surely surprised.

And they were pleasantly surprised as well. The guy was telling the truth and he was packing one nice and big hard cock for an Asian dude. And that just made them very very happy. See them rewarding him in the beginning with one superb and sexy show as they kiss and caress one another’s bodies to entice him and you guys. Then you can sit back and see the cute babes starting to take turns to suck and slurp and lick his cock to get it nice and lubed for their wet pussies today, and their naughty and tight asses as well. See him fucking the babes nice and hard and enjoy this amazing scene. We will bring you more fresh content next week!


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Monique Alexander Videos

So for this Monique Alexander videos update our hot blonde decided to go black, and see if her pussy can take a hardcore fuck form a monster black cock. So she went to the club and it didn’t take her long to pick one stud up and take him to her place to test her pussy to it’s limit. Is Monique cock crazy or what. Long story short she fucked the guys brains out for the evening. We bet that our sexy blonde Monique sure gave him a run for his money though. Well we did promise you something special last week for today and we come here to deliver. Enjoy this fresh and hot video everyone.

It seems that sexy miss Monique was fancying getting down and dirty with some nice and big hard cock, and this afternoon’s menu had chocolate in it. She always wanted to be fucked by one nice and big black dick and this was the perfect occasion to do so. Sit back and enjoy as you get to see this horny blonde starting to tease this lucky guy as she whips out his nice and big cock to start sucking on it. See her working it with her juicy lips and watch the guy moaning in pleasure as she sucks him off and as his cock gets bigger and bigger. And of course you also get to see her fucked hard by the said cock as well today! Enjoy watching this great video and don’t forget that you can find similar movies inside website, so check it out and watch another gorgeous chick riding big cocks!

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Horny and Stripping

Feeling horny yet again, Monique Alexander shows you just how eager and hungry her pussy is to have something in it as often as possible. For this session she wore some very sexy and hot black lingerie, but you know that it didn’t stay too long on her body. She has this gift to slip out of her clothes every time her pussy feels the need to have something in it. And to quench that thirst, Monique Alexander went back to her trusty golden dildo that never disappointed her in the past. Well how could it. It’s her hands fucking her pussy after all! Enjoy this great update everyone and be sure to check her out for more updates!

Well you know that there’s no stopping this babe when she gets in the mood, so we were just happy to catch her on cam once more as she got around to play some more with her superb and sweet pussy today. Sit back and watch as your favorite and sexy playful blonde takes her time to take off her cute and sexy lingerie and then spreads open her legs to start playing with herself. See her shoving that nice and big dildo deep in her cunt and watch her moan in pleasure while she does it. As much as you will love this scene, you will adore the next one even more guys, and we are ready to guarantee that. See you next week and enjoy until then! Also you might enter the I know that girl blog and see other beauties getting their pussies stuffed!


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Monique Alexander Galleries

Hey there, Today we bring you some fresh new Monique Alexander galleries to enjoy. It’s been a while but our resident sex crazy girl is back in force. And what better way to make up for her absence then with her pleasing her horny wet pussy in this awesome gallery. Well you guys demanded another compilation of this sexy babe’s superbly hot and sexy scenes. Another two are all ready for you to see and rest assured that they are quite hot as always. This babe just loves to please herself and you guys and so let’s just get her nice and sexy show on the road without further due shall we everyone?


This sexy update has miss Monique in two states. One is before her breast implant surgery and the other afterwards. And this only serves to show that babes as cute and beautiful as her look good no matter how big their chest size anyway. The first one is the one where she has bigger boobs just in care you can’t figure it out, and you get to see her pleasing her sweet pussy on a leather chair as she slides her playful fingers in her pussy. And the second one has the babe playing with her favorite golden dildo sliding it in her sweet pussy as she spreads her legs on her pink cute couch! If you liked this cutie click here and watch another naughty chick playing with herself!

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Hardcore Threesome

Monique Alexander and the guy she picked up tonight were having a very nice and hard fuck session until her friend Alana came by her house to visit. Well you know the saying the more the merrier. So the two hot and horny MILFS just dragged the sexy brunette in their little sex game, and the session blew out into a fully fledged threesome with the girls taking turns to ride the dude’s massive pole. Monique sure knows how to have some fun. So if you loved her other scenes when she got to invite some other people in her fuck scenes we’re sure that you will just adore this fresh one today.

The scene starts with the two superb babes as they take the time to undress this guy and reveal his nice and big cock to the cameras and each other. And with that they start sucking him nice and deep as they need his cock all nice and hard for their sweet pussies. Of course miss Monique is the first one to take a ride on that big cock with her pussy, while her brunette buddy ahs to settle for having the guy please her cunt with his tongue today. So just sit back and watch the matures fucking this guy hard style today and do come back next week when we will have more of miss Alexander’s scene prepared for you to see.


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Monique Alexander Pics

In this fantastic photo gallery we have some fresh Monique Alexander pics with her while she is pleasuring her sweet and wet pussy, just the way you like her too. Like always she gets very naughty when the camera starts rolling and you know you are in for a ride when Monique starts to take off her clothes. So watch this hot and sexy blonde please her eager pussy in this new and fresh picture gallery. And to be fair, what we have here is a nice and hot compilation scene with the Blondie and some of her more sexy and lovely scene that she shot. You get to se them all like we said, so let’s not delay any longer and see her in action.


As another fresh week started we thought that a small compilation of this babe’s past scenes would serve you guys well so se just went ahead and did it. She adores playing with herself, just like the chicks from the site,  so sit back and watch her in her two superb scenes that she brings you today while she has fun with her body. In the first one you get to see the  lovely blonde babe as she takes her time to play and please her horny and wet pussy by the poolside after taking a dip inside, and in the second scene that we bring you today, you can watch as she strips of all her clothes keeping on only her high heel leather boots as she finger fucks herself nice and hard just for you!


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Monique Alexander Fucked Roughly

In this fresh update our favorite blonde got her hands on a lucky guy. And he was in for a surprise. Just like hot Angelina Valentine she was horny as hell and you can bet Monique Alexander fucked him to utter exhaustion.  She just had to get a proper dicking today or she thought she would go crazy. So when the delivery man showed up with a package for her she just pulled him in and stripped him out of his clothes. At first he seemed happy, but he soon realized that Monique Alexander is no ordinary girl. Well when this cutie sais that she wants to fuck she’ll fuck you till you pass out. Well she was satisfied , and we bet the guy won’t forget her too soon either.

And if there’s one thing that this babe loves to do more than just pose around solo and play with her pussy, it’s to have a guy with a nice and big cock taking care of her sweet cunt without delay. As we said, she managed to score herself one horny stud this afternoon and she would make sure to give his nice and big cock a pretty hard style ride with her lovely and tight pussy. Sit back and do enjoy seeing the blonde babe taking a nice and deep pussy fucking from the stud today as she moans in pleasure. At the end of it all she does allow this lucky stud to blow his load on her lovely body too! If you’re looking for more action, enter the anal angels site and see some gorgeous ladies getting their tight asses hammered!


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Dirty Stripping

Yet again Monique Alexander found herself solo. And you know what that means right? exactly, yet another solo nude photo shoot. For this one Monique went another step further, and got out her golden dildo for the occasion. See her demonstrate how she likes to be penetrated with her shiny toy. If there’s one thing taht you got to learn about this babe this far is that she always enjoys teasing and being sexy for the cameras. And since today she was all alone once more that was her full plan once more. This time she goes for a indoor shoot and you get to see it all without delay.

monique-alexander-dildo-fucking-her-tight-pussy As her scene starts, the superbly hot and sexy blonde, who is looking just like sweet Lelu Love, another hot internet model, makes her entry as usual wearing some nice and sexy clothes just for your enjoyment. And just as usual you get to see her taking them off to show off her superb body to you. But that’s not all, since this babe is never one to just undress and then end her show. Oh no. This sexy blonde loves to show you her pussy and how she likes to please it every time, so let’s not waste time and see her in action with her favorite golden dildo as she takes her sweet time playing with it. Sit back and see her sliding that sex toy as deep as it can go into her wet cunt and see her moaning in pleasure while she does it.

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Monique Alexander Nude Session

Today our favorite girl went to the poolside for some sunbathing in this sunny day. Well eventually she felt naughty and what resulted is a Monique Alexander nude photo shoot. So don’t wait any longer, check out this hot girl putting on a number on the camera, only for you and your pleasure. Since she felt generous today she actually started to rub her wet pussy and play with herself. So enough said, go check Monique and her hot body out right now. If you liked this gorgeous babe maybe you might take a look at other kinky babes instructing you how to jerk off inside site. Enjoy it and let’s see her in action without due!

She had lots of fun today by the pool all by herself and you get to see it all like we said. Enjoy watching her make her entry wearing a nice and sexy bikini and see her doing some sensual and sexy posing for you and the cameras while wearing it to entice you. Then she takes it off and you can see that superb and sexy body exposed as this superb babe starts touching herself, playing with her perky boobs and making her way down to her sweet and eager pussy today. Enjoy her little finger fucking session by the poolside today and come back next week to see more of her superb galleries. We’ll see you then guys and gals so enjoy it! If you liked this beauty and you wanna see another gorgeous blonde fingering her juicy cunt, check out the site and have fun with Ellie!


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Monique Alexander Lesbian

Tonight Monique’s friend Sarah was in for a classic Monique Alexander lesbian session. And the girls went at it for a while but they got bored quickly. Even though they are both bi, for this one they just felt the need for a guy to play around with. So one call later one of Monique’s friends was at the door. The cock hungry babes just pulled him in, almost ripping his clothes off and just started to give him head, both of them at the same time. Enjoy Monique Alexander and her friend take turns to fuck this lucky guy. Until next time don’t forget that you can find similar galleries featuring gorgeous babes inside Mike Adriano‘s blog, so check it out!


Well miss Monique here along with her female buddy weren’t about to pass up some free cock today so naturally you get to see them enjoying this guy along with his cock for the whole afternoon. Sit back and watch the beautiful babes as they take off the dude’s pants to reveal that nice and big uncut cock that was just waiting for them. See them using those luscious and juicy lips to suck it in turns until it gets as big and as hard as possible. We know you will enjoy miss Monique and her friend here having fun with this guy, and we’re going to take our leave and come back next week with some more!

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